Phoenix: Phoenix, Arizona State Capital, United States of America, for more than 10 years in a coma, a woman has recently been given a child to be born after the matter has been revealed to bring the DNA of all the men in the health center Search warrants have been issued. At the same time, the Chief Health Officer of the Garden Health Center has resigned to the incident. ‘Hassidia Health Center’ said that he welcomes the matter of getting the DNA of the employees.

In a statement, the company said that we will continue to cooperate with the Phoenix Police and other investigative agencies to highlight all the facts related to this extremely harrowing and unexpected situation. The local news website ‘’ first informed that a woman in coma over 10 years has given birth to a baby on December 29. His identity was not exposed. There is no question whether he has any family or guardian or not.

Board member Gary Oryman had said that the health center would set full accountability for this alarming situation. Oorman said that we will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our patients and employees. On this whole issue, Hassiand’s CEO Bill Timon also resigned on Monday .


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