London: The British Parliament has dismissed the Brexit Deal with an overwhelming majority. Under the Breakage deal, Britain is planning to separate Britain from the European Union. Along with this, the way out of the EU has become complicated and the announcement of bringing an unbelief letter against the government of May has been announced. In May, the agreement of the House of Commons was defeated by 202 votes against 432 votes. This is the most severe defeat of any British Prime Minister in modern history.

Within a few minutes of this defeat, opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that his party would bring a no-confidence motion against the government of the party. Britain became a member of the 28-member European Union in 1973. It is to be separated from the EU on March 29. Only two months have passed in the date of departure from the EU, but the UK has not yet decided what to do.

Trade relations can worsen with EU

The supporters of Brexit and the UK’s UK supporter are both opposing this agreement for various reasons. Many people are afraid that the UK’s business relationship with the European Union can worsen due to the Brexit. Over 100 MPs of May’s Conservative Party voted in protest of the agreement. This is the most decisive parliamentary defeat of any government in the UK’s recent history.