Toronto: In a growing protest over the 5G network of Huawei Company, Canada has said that with Chinese pressure, she is not afraid. China had recently threatened that if Huawei was banned for supply of equipment for the 5G network, its results would not be okay. Canada’s Public Security Minister said this on Friday.

The recent incident has highlighted the growing friction between Canada and China. There are allegations that this big company in the telecom sector is under the control of the ruling Communist Party of China or this company helps in espionage for China. The US, Australia, Japan and other countries have banned its use of technology.

Canada’s Public Security Minister Ralph Gudel said that Canada is very clear that it will not compromise with national security. “This is a difficult challenge, but we do not fear it because we believe in what is right for Canada and who is in his interest,” said Gudel.

Chinese ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye said on Thursday that if Canada keeps the company away from the new 5G network, its results will not be okay. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the matter of concern in such circumstances is that China’s commercial interest and its political clout and threats have all got together. “I think it’s a matter of concern for Canadians and people around the world.”

Canada and its security agencies are studying whether Huawei’s equipment will be used properly, as the phone maker is going to launch 5G network technology.