A senior diplomat of China has said that bilateral trade between the US and China is “critical to the global economy” and the Chinese government has kept the doors open for business negotiations with the Trump Administration. This statement from China came at a time when countries with two top economies were involved in a trade war.

China’s State Councilor Yang Zhi Chi said at a joint press conference here on Friday, “According to the US China Trade Council, trade and economic relations with China provide an annual savings of $ 850 per year to each American and also in the country. Generates opportunities for at least 60 million jobs. “US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Defense Minister James Matisse and Chinese Defense Minister E Fenge were also present at the press conference.

Yang said, “The nature of our (China-US) business and economic relations are mutually beneficial and it has made great benefits to both the countries and their people. As an integral part of the global industrial chain, China-US trade and economic relations provide global resources more effectively and therefore it is important for the global economy. “He said that the trade between the US and China The issues are due to the different economic structures and development level of the two countries.

Yang said, “These issues can be resolved through talks and discussions. Instead of reaching a solution, the trade war will harm the two sides and the global economy. “US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Chun Fing meet another meeting in Argentina at the end of this month in the G-20 meeting.

“President Trump has made it clear that the United States wants a constructive and result-based relationship with China that is based on fair, mutual respect and respect.” In addition to this, Pompeo said in a meeting with the media, Expected to cooperate with China’s government and energy companies to curb weapons program