Washington: Security panel formed by President Donald Trump on repeated incidents of firing in US schools has given several suggestions to prevent such incidents. These included the recommendation to equip the school staff with arms, retain retired soldiers as guard and turn the Obama administration’s guidelines.

Following the incident of Parkland, Florida violence in February under the leadership of education minister Betsy Davos, this federal commission was formed, in which 17 people were killed in the firing by an alumni. After this incident there were demonstrations to control the culture of gunning.

The Commission, in its 180-page report, refusing to extend the minimum age for buying a gun, argued that most of the students firing at the school use their family members or friends’ guns.

The Commission recommended that recruitment of former officers and police officers as teachers would prove to be a good step. In the report, it has also been recommended by former President Obama to review the guidelines introduced in the year 2014, in which suggested to explore options to prevent discrimination against black and Latin American students.

The Commission says that this step will have a very negative impact on discipline and security in schools. According to the Washington Post, according to the Washington Post, in April 1999, 2,19,000 students have been found involved in firing incidents since the massacre in Columbian High School.