Chandigarh – Due to partial closure of official functioning in the US, federal workers have now been forced to resort to food banks to fill their stomach. People standing in rows outside food banks include unemployed officers from December 22 on many departments, including customs, tax and emergency management.

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Apart from this, many of the essential services like transport have to work without pay, who are collecting food items in the food banks in the afternoon during lunchtime.

The needy people first register themselves, and after that the bags of plastic in the plastic bags fill the bags of stuff, potatoes, chicken, grapes and toiletries.

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In the Home Security Department, Karmi Antoinette Peak Williams said, “Frankly, I have come here to pick up some stuff”. Chanette Johnson, who works in the tax department, nourishes his daughter and mother. He said that after the closure of the work, nothing has eaten well and neither has been able to sleep properly.