WASHINGTON: According to a US think tank, H-1B visa holders are often employed in poor working conditions and they are suspected of abuse. The Think Tank on Thursday gave information about this and demanded to improve it to a satisfactory increase in their salary. In its report, ‘South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council’ also demanded for the good work conditions for the visa holders and to give them the necessary employment rights. The thing to keep in mind is that H-1B visas are used mostly by IT professionals.

This report has come recently following the statement given by US President Donald Trump, in which Trump had said that he is going to make such improvements soon, that the H-1B visa holders will have an easy way to stay in the US and gain citizenship. Will get confidence

Trump had tweeted Friday, “In the US, H-1B visa holders can be confident that such changes will be made soon so that you will be able to stop here. It will also open the way to get citizenship here. We will encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue careers in America. ” This report has been prepared by Rooney Diamond of Howard University and Bharath Gopalaswamy, Head of South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council.

According to the report, the present system not only damages the Americans but also hides the possibility of abuse with H-1B personnel. According to the report, “H-1B workers are working on low wages, their fear of harassment continues and work conditions are not good for them, due to their proper right not only will their lives change, Employees will get better security. ”

It has been said in the report that adopting adequate safeguards will also ensure that the H-1B program contributes to the US economy by meeting the shortage of workers by recruiting foreign workers. Think Tank suggested three major improvements and said that they should be applied to all employers. These include measures like increasing the salary of H-1B visa holders and implementing an effective and appropriate procedure. Significantly, there is a large number of Indians working on H-1B visas in the US.