WASHINGTON: America’s first Hindu MP Tulsi Gabard said that he is seriously considering contesting the presidential elections in 2020. Democratic MP GABARD, who represented Hawaii for four terms in the US Parliament, has given the signal for the first time to contest the presidential election.

“I am seriously considering this,” GABARD told MSNBC News in response to a question on Wednesday in the presidential election. He said, “I am worried about the situation of my country. I am thinking very seriously for this. ”

If Tulsi Gabbard declares to land in the presidential election, he will be the first Hindu candidate to contest the presidential election in the US. When elected in 2020, she can become America’s youngest and first woman president.

Before challenging President Donald Trump in the election to be held in November 2020, he must fight against his Democratic Party leaders in the early elections in the beginning of the year. For the past few weeks, Gabbard is talking to the leaders of his party and is contacting American people of Indian origin to find out the reaction on this issue.