New Delhi – US House of Representatives Democrat Tulsi Gabbard posted an online video and started officially for his election campaign for presidential elections.

Gabbard’s name has also been included in the growing list of claimants to be nominated by the Democratic Party. American housing secretary Julian Castro had recently announced his claim, and Elizabeth Vananne, MP from Massachusetts, MP Kirsten Gilbert from New York and Cameron Harris from California said that he is also in the race to become president.

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In this video posted on Thursday, Gabbard is saying, “We have such people in power who are not thinking about the good of people and their country.” He said, “Where is the discussion about the needs of our people? Is it happening? “

In the US House, 37-year-old Gabbard has represented Honolulu’s suburbs and Air (Rural). He has also served in the war zone of Iraq and Kuwait, along with Hawaii National Guard. Gabbard is known as a critic of US foreign policy for West Asia.