New Delhi: UK Prime PM Theresa May presented her ‘second plan’ (Plan B) on the breakage in Parliament on Monday. They have taken this step after the UK’s separation agreement was rejected by MPs. Before the agreement was not passed in Parliament, politics in Britain has been hot before the breakage.

If MPs can not prepare such alternative plans in time, because Brussels is not happy or the scheduled date of the stay is not postponed, Britain may have to leave the European Union on March 29 without any agreement.

Significantly, the Mayor’s agreement had to face defeat in the House of Commons with 432 votes out of 432 votes. After this, however, 325 MPs in the motion of no confidence supported their government, while 306 MPs voted in favor of the non-confidence motion brought in Parliament and won by a margin of 19 votes.

May spoke to the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rut, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. On Friday, he discussed with EU leader Jean-Claude Junker and Donald Tusk on the phone about the breakage.

The EU chiefs have already refused to talk again on the agreement. But they have indicated that if I change the ‘red line’ if I disrupt the free movement of the citizens and leave the EU Customs Union then the withdrawal process can be postponed.