US President Trump has made more than 8,000 false claims since taking office Says Report

Washington: Donald Trump has done 8,158 false or misleading claims since becoming President of the United States. This has been said in a media report. This report came two years after the completion of two years of the President of Trump on Sunday. In the report of the Washington Post, it has been said that the President made claims of misguiding nearly six times every day during the first year of his tenure; in the second year, he made around 17 such claims every three times faster than the second year. The newspaper has cited data of ‘fact checker’ in its report. This fact checker performs the task of analyzing, classifying and detecting every suspicious statement given by the President.

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According to Fact Checker figures, since Trump has been president, 8,158 times have been making false and misleading claims. The newspaper said that it contains more than 6000 such wonderful claims made in the second year of the President. It has been said in the report that Trump has done the most misleading claims about immigration. In this regard, he has made 1,433 claims so far, including 300 claims made during the last three weeks.

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It has been said in the report that Trump has made 900 claims about foreign policy. After this, the number of business (854), economy (790) and jobs (755) comes. Apart from this, he has claimed 899 times, in which the attacks are misleading on the media and people who call themselves enemies. According to the report, no claim of trump was recorded in only 82 days or about 11 percent of its time. Most of the time in which he was busy playing golf